About Bethel

  • The mission of Bethel Elementary School, in partnership with the parents and community, is to prepare students to become productive, confident and responsible citizens by creating a safe, friendly, child-centered environment which effectively addresses the social, emotional and intellectual needs of each child.

    Our vision at Bethel continues to be maintaining academic excellence and a community feeling while embracing change and taking risks to enable our students to become productive citizens in our ever changing world.

    Bethel parents are dedicated to helping the school be the best it can be. Through the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), the school is provided volunteers, support for teachers, family/student events, and financial assistance. The parents of this community expect a quality education for each child and are willing to provide any assistance necessary in helping meet this objective.

    Bethel is a caring community that exemplifies the goals stated in the mission statement on a daily basis. Administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students all work together to ensure an environment in which a high quality education takes place and a safe environment is a top priority. The school is very warm and welcoming upon entering the building as well as throughout.

    One hundred percent of the faculty is highly qualified as required by the federal and state law and most of the certified personnel have advanced degrees. There are also eight National Board certified teachers employed at Bethel. Professional development is ongoing as many teachers take advantage of the opportunities given for professional self improvement.

    Bethel continues to exceed state standards in academic performance and we will continue to be an exceptional institution of learning and will strive to maintain the level of excellence that it has established.

    Bethel School has served the Bethel/Lake Wylie area for over sixty years and stands ready to meet the challenges of the next century by continuing to provide the highest quality education for every child.