• exam alert

    End of Course Exams Dec. 2020

    End of Course Exams for Algebra I/Intermediate Alg., Biology I, English I, and US History will be given according to the dates below.  Testing will be either 1-2 blocks or 3-4 blocks depending on the block the student takes the subject.

    It is very important that students be on time for EOC testing. These exams count for 20% of the final grade in the course.  Doctor’s appointments and other out -of-school functions should not be scheduled during testing times if at all possible.

    Students may not be in possession of any electronic devices that can be used for communication, timing, creating images, or storing images during testing (examples: cell phones and Apple watches).  Teachers will provide calculators if needed for tests.

    English 1 Writing – December 5

    Algebra 1 – December 11

    English 1 Reading – December 12

    Biology 1 and US History – December 13