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  • Dear Parents,

    Griggs Road Elementary School opened in August of 1993 to serve the geographic area located between the eastern boundary of the town of Clover and the western edge of the Lake Wylie community. In addition to providing instruction to students in grades PK-5 who reside in its attendance area, the school also provides services to several district special education programs.

    During the 1980's, the Clover School District experienced tremendous growth which resulted in overcrowding at the three original elementary schools. Even with the construction of a new facility to replace the aging Bethany Elementary School in 1988 and additions/renovations to Kinard Elementary School and Bethel Elementary School around the same time, the facilities were strained to accommodate the growing number of students and maintain the low student/teacher ratios and programmatic requirements set by the school board.

    In an effort to bring some equity to the elementary programs and alleviate overcrowding at all schools, the issue was put before the people on October 1, 1991, in the form of a $21.6 million bond referendum. Approved overwhelmingly, the referendum provided for the construction of Griggs Road Elementary School as well as a new district auditorium and additions/renovations at four other schools. With the addition of Griggs Road, the district was realigned from three elementary attendance areas to four. The Clover community continued to grow during the next decade. This growth made it necessary to build two additional elementary schools, Crowders Creek and Larne Elementary. This has helped maintain the small school atmosphere and the comfortable student/teacher ratio.

    Local citizens have had many reasons to be proud of their schools. Student achievement levels have continued to increase, new schools have been completed, renovations to the other schools have greatly increased space for expanding academic programs, and staff and teachers have continued to develop their professional skills. Griggs Road Elementary School is preparing students to meet the social, emotional, and academic challenges of the 21st century.

    The staff of Griggs Road Elementary School is constantly striving to offer your child a sound and basic educational program. Our most important goal is to provide quality education through an effective school. Positive attitudes, open communication, active parent involvement and participation are key elements for all who share in the educational processes. This includes students, parents, teachers, administration, and other staff members.

    We (teachers, parents, administrators) must have a shared dedication to the ideal of excellence in our school and insure quality education for every student. Achieving this goal is never easy but is possible when we accept joint responsibility for the challenge of educational excellence. Remember, success at school begins at home.

    A good line of communication is important in achieving goals. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss any concerns you may have about your child's education. Every effort will be made to work with you in order to insure the best possible education for your child.