• Strategic Plan  

    Goal 1 – Clover School District will create and sustain state-of-the-art environments where students, families, and the community can thrive in their pursuit to be continual learners.
    Objective 1 – Establish and maintain clean, safe, and secure learning environments that promote the heath of the collective community in an ecologically responsible manner.
    Objective 2 – Continue a forward-thinking construction plan encompassing a proactive approach to projected district growth and cutting-edge advancements in facilities design.
    Objective 3 – Expand and enhance a comprehensive public facilities use plan that endorses perpetual learning and community partnerships.

    Goal 2 – Clover School District will cultivate high expectations for student success through rigorous, engaging instruction with encouragement and support to achieve personal best.

    Objective 1 – Recruit, hire, train, and retain quality, world-class administrators, teachers, and personnel.
    Objective 2 – Create a supportive climate and inclusive culture that fosters optimal success for each student.
    Objective 3 – Design a globally competitive, transformative, and flexible curriculum where students demonstrate mastery of world class knowledge through ventures that compel them to apply innovative problem solving and multifaceted communication.

    Goal 3 – Clover School District will provide rich experiences to maximize the individual potential of each student. 

    Objective 1 – Strategically utilize multiple resources to inform all students and families of available opportunities, both in and out of school.
    Objective 2 – Challenge students to embrace the most appropriately rigorous and relevant curriculum to develop the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and entrepreneurial spirit that prepare them for success in any college or career pathway.
    Objective 3 – Engage each student in an extra-curricular or co-curricular activity that promotes the development of leadership, integrity, self-direction, global perspective, perseverance, work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

    Goal 4 – Clover School District will expand and enrich reciprocal community and school partnerships that actively engage all stakeholders in and beyond Clover.  

    Objective 1 – Provide the resources necessary for students to meet their life goals and to fully participate in all aspects of a well-rounded education.
    Objective 2 – Solicit community support to ensure all students have diverse opportunities, equal access to resources, and exposure to enriching experiences that maximize their human potential.
    Objective 3 – Provide varied opportunities for students to apply their learning in meaningful, service-oriented experiences within and outside of the Clover community.