• Strategic Plan Graphic 

    Goal A:  World Class Learning
    Clover School District will personalize teaching and learning to maximize the individual potential of each student and develop the world class knowledge, skills, and dispositions that prepare them for the future.
    Objective 1 – World Class Knowledge: Immerse students in appropriately rigorous and relevant curriculum to develop the knowledge outlined in the South Carolina standards and improve student achievement for college and careers
    Objective 2 – World Class Skills: Create meaningful experiences in and out of school for students to develop the world-class skills of creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, communication and technology, and knowing how to learn to prepare for college and careers.
    Objective 3 – World Class Characteristics: Engage each student in experiences that promote the development of leadership, integrity, self-direction, global perspective, perseverance, work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

    Goal B: Operational Excellence

    Clover School District will maximize facility operations, business service models, and student support infrastructures to create systems that drive operational excellence.

    Objective 1 – Learning Environments: Create and sustain clean, safe, and equitable state-of-the-art learning environments where students and thrive
    Objective 2 – Business Operations: Implement responsible fiscal practices and business service models that maximize strategic competitiveness and ensure human fiscal resources are aligned to strategic priorities.
    Objective 3 – Student Services: Increase student access to social emotional services and resources to meet the health, social, and emtional well-being of the whole child.

    Goal C: Results-Driven Culture

    Clover School District will transform the culture to create supportuive, inclusive, and highly effective teaching and learning environments that foster optimal success for each student and staff.

    Objective 1 – Human Capital: Recruit, hire, develop, and retain quality, world-class administrators, teachers, and staff.
    Objective 2 – Inclusive Workplace: Maintain an inclusive workplace and learning environment for staff, students, and families.
    Objective 3 – Accountability: Create a climate and culture focuses on continuous improvement, accountability, and results.

    Goal D: Meaningful Partnerships

    Clover School District will cultivate positive and meaningful relationships that actively engage all stakeholders in and outside of the district.

    Objective 1 – Engagement: Intentionally and actively engage students, parents, and the community to creat authentic learning experiences for students inside and outside the classroom.
    Objective 2 – Communication: Utilize multiple reciprocal communication strategies to promote open and trusting relationships between the district, school, and home.
    Objective 3 – Relationships: Develop business relationships and work-based learning opportunities in and outside the district to prepare students for future careers.