General Information

  • South Carolina initiated School Improvement Councils through legislation as a means of assuring the influential voice of parents and community members in the education of their children.  Over more than 20 years, the SC General Assembly has passed four pieces of legislation (The Education Finance Act, The Education Improvement Act, The Early Childhood Development and Academic Assistance Act, and The Education Accountability Act) that established the councils, and subsequently expanded and extended their role and responsibilities for planning, monitoring, and evaluating improvement at the school level.

    The vision of the SC School Improvement Council is to promote and support civic engagement for quality public education in South Carolina.

    The mission of the SC School Improvement Council is to facilitate meaningful parent and community involvement in our state’s public schools by providing resources, tools, and strategies to local School Improvement Councils and other stakeholder groups.




  • 2023-2024 Members:

    School Staff:

    George Smith

    Kimberly Lazarek

    Logan Cato

    Rebekah Benton



    Trisha Startup

    Alysha Eubanks

    Avery Kellam

    Monique Williams


    Community Members:

    Briana Harris

    Allen Williams