Our Beliefs

  • Vision:

    Larne Elementary School is a safe, student-centered environment where individuals are academically and socially supported and encouraged to own their learning opportunities.


    Larne Elementary will prepare each child for a successful, productive and responsible future. 

    We Value

    • Meaningful experiences that shape students' vision for the future
    • Continuous improvement through collaboration
    • Individualized and personally relevant education
    • Safe and nurturing environment

    Our Beliefs:

    The purpose of school is to design meaningful experiences where students acquire knowledge and skills to successfully explore challenges of today and tomorrow. 

    The responsibility of leaders is to provide the vision, time, resources and collaborative environment that promote continuous improvement. 

    The focus of educators is to design engaging, meaningful work for all students and ensure that they learn to their highest potential. 

    The role of the school, parents, and community is to create a safe and supportive environment for all students to learn and thrive. 


From a Student's Perspective

  • Abby Taylor (5th grader):
    "Larne is a place where education and fun are combined. The teachers and staff encourage the students to do their best and to never give up. Larne makes me feel excited, creative, and happy. I have so many fun memories from Larne!" 
    Christian Ruth (5th grader)
    "I like Larne Elementary because they have teachers that don't give up on you. You can also make good friends easily. They have nice principals and assistant principals that say "hey" to you in the hallways and always make you feel comfortable."
    Ella Glen Baker (3rd Grader)
    “Larne Elementary has really nice and great teachers. I like Club Larne, Larnefest, going to P.E. and all the activities. My most favorite thing about Larne is Math.”