School Improvement Council

  • Key Points
    • The School Improvement Council (SIC) serves as an advisory committee to a school's principal and faculty.
    • Unlike PTA/Os and other voluntary school organizations, councils are mandated by law to exist in every public school in South Carolina.
    • SICs play a key role in the education of our state's children, bringing together parents, educators and community stakeholders to work collectively to improve their local schools.
    • More than 16,000 people serve on SICs in South Carolina.
    Key Functions
    • SICs work with the school to develop and implement a five-year school improvement plan (school renewal plan).
    • SICs monitor and evaluate success in reaching the plan's goals and objectives.
    • SICs write an annual report to parents about the progress of the plan.
    • SICs assist the principal in writing the narrative for the School Report Card.
    • SICs advise on the use of school incentive awards and provide assistance as requested by the principal.

    2023-2024 SIC Committee Members


    Christian Phillips - Chair (Parent)

    Amy Baker - Vice Chair (Parent)

    Mary Kate Pursley - Secretary (Parent)

    Vic Stine - Principal

    Julie Rikard - Assistant Principal

    Kristin Dover - Teacher

    Betsy Eaton - Teacher

    Pam Cato - Community Member