School Profile

  • Oakridge Middle School is home to 1200 students (400 sixth graders, 400 seventh graders, and 400 eighth graders). The school population is diverse in that many were born, and have experienced childhood, in Clover and Lake Wylie while others have moved to the area from across the United States and other countries.

    Students are interested in horses, animals, video games, gymnastics, dancing, karate, soccer, football, swimming, computers, skateboarding, music, drawing, dirt bikes, wake boarding and water skiing, and reading.

    There are 70 certified teachers on the school staff.

    Our faculty and staff bring with them a unique collection of experiences and cultures. Birth places have ranged from California to an Air Force base and Naval Base, and even Spain. In total sixteen different states are represented.

    The places in which our faculty/staff have lived vary even more then their birth places. They have lived in twenty four of the states, along with many foreign countries. Those countries include Japan, England, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Macedonia, and Costa Rica.

    Using their life experiences to help educate them, some members of our faculty/staff have learned to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, and American Sign Language.

    Hobbies include: painting, pottery, glass fusing, spending time with family, sports, reading, hunting, cooking, fitness, gardening, skiing, singing, traveling, photography, and history.

    Faculty/Staff members have attended over fifty different institutes of higher learning, ranging from The Citadel to the University of South Carolina.

    Four members of our faculty/staff have proudly served our country in the armed forces.

    Education has not been the only fields of work that our faculty/staff have experienced. Accounting, IT, Real Estate, Finance, Food Services, Performing arts, Banking, Retail, Office Management, firefighting, consturction, child care, landscaping, and travel/tourism are just a few of the different career fields that they have experienced.

    Here is a brief look at some of the unique experiences that our faculty and staff members have had in their lives:

       - Served as a white water rafting guide in Costa Rica
       - Delivered cows for a living

       - Served as a bank teller during an armed robbery

       - Studied abroad in France and Italy

       - Served as the mascot for the Bowling Green State University athletic teams

       - Hiked the Grand Canyon

       - Stood on the top of the Eiffel Tower

       - Steered a US Navy submarine

       - Climbed Mt. Lelonte

       - Sang at the White House for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

       - Hiked behind Niagara Falls to watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve 

       - Studied abroad in Ireland

    Together students, parent and staff make a group of widely traveled and experienced people. From each other much is to be learned, valued and respected