Dress Code

  • In order to establish and maintain a clean, safe environment that is academically focused, Oakridge Middle School will not permit any student to wear any article of clothing that is distracting, overly suggestive, or so extreme or inappropriate to the school setting that it disrupts the educational process. 


    The required length of pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, or dresses for students is that they extend the tip of your fingers with arms at side.  All tops for all students must have sleeves.  Tops are not to be cut so low as to expose cleavage or so short as to expose midriffs or lower backs or shoulders.  In fact, tops are required to extend far enough below the beltline so that there is no skin exposed at any point of a student’s movement or posture.  All pants with exposed waistlines for all students must be worn above the hips.  Clothes that are excessively form fitting will not be allowed.  All Lycra workout type pants (i.e. leggings, jeggings, yoga pants) will only be permitted when a blouse/shirt extend over the pant to the length of the fingertips.  Also, for safety reasons, pants should not drag the floor or be adorned with metal accessories.  Clothing in a state of excessive disrepair and with holes in them intended to expose underclothing or skin in areas already described as prohibited, are not allowed. 


    Jewelry or belts that could be potentially dangerous to others will not be allowed.  No studded or spiked wristbands, or collars will be allowed.  No wallet chains, or chains of any sort are to be worn.  No student will be allowed to wear a hat, sweatband, or other head covering inside the school building.  Students will not be permitted to wear bandanas on clothing.  No pajamas or bedroom shoes will be allowed.  Shoes worn at Oakridge Middle School should be sturdy shoes/sandals with traction.  For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to wear shoes with retractable skates. 


    Students may not wear any vulgar, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate symbols, language, or wording on clothing at school or school-sponsored events.  This includes clothes that advertise drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or display sexually inappropriate wording or pictures.  Students will not be permitted to wear “message” t-shirts considered to be offensive.  


    The school faculty, staff, and administration reserve the right to determine what is appropriate dress or accessory while students are in school.  Students who violate the dress code will be referred to ISS where they may change to school issued clothing, phone home for a parent to deliver replacement clothes, or remain in ISS for the duration of the day.  In addition, dress code violations will be entered into the school database as discipline infractions.