• Beth VanEtten

    Name: Beth VanEtten

    Classroom:  714

    Subject(s): Business

    Grade(s):  9-12

    Phone Number:  (803) 810-8979

    Welcome to Mrs. VanEtten's Business Classes

    My First Semester schedule is:

    • 1st Block:     Entrepreneurship
    • 2nd Block:    Planning
    • 3rd Block:     Marketing
    • 4th Block:     Personal Finance
      My Second Semester schedule is:

    • 1st Block:     Planning
    • 2nd Block:    Marketing
    • 3rd Block:     Personal Finance
    • 4th Block:     Entrepreneurship

    Students who have make-up work to complete or who need extra help may come in from 7:45 to 8:15 am each school day or after school by appointment.  You may contact me at beth.vanetten@clover.k12.sc.us (please put your student's name in the Subject line) or call the ATC at 803.810.8213

    I look forward to an exciting, productive and rewarding semester!