Environmental Club

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    Larne's Environmental Club members strive to promote recycling, reducing, and reusing within the school.  They definitely help make our school, and our world, a greener place!  The Environmental Club meets once a month, on Thursdays, from 2:15 - 3:15 pm.
    The Environmental Club has been busy this year .. from litter patrol around the school to bird watching, and from vermicomposting to learning about oil spill clean-up!  Check it out:
    2016-2017 Members
    Daelyn Thomas
    Lilly West
    Autumn Beasley
    Leilah Dover
    Lyric Aruta
    Alice Cook
    Ashton Smith
    Jacks Lamberson
    Diana Brakefield
    Harley Horner
    Lily Hilton
    Skyla Blair
    Brooke Shepherd
    Shannyn Singletary
    Samuel Cole
    Austyn Smith
    AJ Dover
    Maddisen Wilson
    Isaiah Lipscomb
    Jayden Riddle
    Gabby Cook
    Nathaniel Laster
    June Yarbrough
    Otis Nelson
    Montana Harvell
    Abby Taylor
    Landon Christenbury
    Emily Kempster
    Allie Miller
    Kylee Vaught
    Chase Witherspoon
    Emma Brown
    Noah Hopkins
    Nevaeh Meeks
    Danielle Jones
    Jesse McManus
    Bailey Armstrong
    Hunter Smith
    Mason Hamilton
    Laney Slaughter
    Hope Marshburn
    Gracie Hilton
    Mattie Johnson