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    Welcome to Ms. Duvall's Language Arts and Social Studies Class!


    Fifth Grade ELA/ Social Studies


    I live in Lake Wylie with my 17 year old son McInnes and our puppy Teddy.  Education is my true passion and I love teaching and learning. This is my twenty eigth year in education and my eighteenth year here at Crowders Creek.   I love history, literature, and collecting quotes.  When I'm not teaching I enjoy exercising, and I also love the outdoors.  

    Thank you for sharing your children with me!  It is going to be a great year!






    On average, 25% of academic learning is lost by students during summer vacation.

    – US Dept of Education
    It can take 4-6 weeks of re-teaching materials for students to catch back up

    Countdown to Fifth Grade


    Here are a few tips to avoid the summer slide.


    in the fall.


    Different strokes for different folks - Encourage your child to read different types of books. Get your child a magazine subscription of their choice, Sports Illustrated Kids, Time for Kids, and American Girl for example. Let them be involved in making reading choices but keep a variety available to them.
    Keep it fun - Don’t set rules for the amount of time or minimum pages read , and don’t make reading a punishment. Try to keep reading enjoyable so it is something your child will want to keep doing
    Start a family book club- Parents should still be reading with their children through elementary school and beyond. As they get older, try a book club method. Choose a book with your child and get multiple copies. Read along with your child and discuss the chapters, surprises, character discoveries, make predictions and venture through the book together. You can even involve others, such as siblings, grandparents and friends. This is an activity that can keep you and your child connected through books as they mature and grow.



    Practice m
    and dividing larger numbers.
    Discuss decimals that are all around us, in cooking, measurements, and money.
    Try a few math apps such as Chicken Coop Fractions , Math vs Zombies, Splash Math and Multiplication.com

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    Pen pals - If your child has a friend or family member they may be away from during the summer, encourage them to keep in touch be sending notes and letters through email each day. If you are working, you could write back and forth with your child about their day to support their writing.
    Journaling - Let your child choose a special notebook to begin a journal. Encourage them to write about their ideas, thoughts, and experiences. This can prove to be an effective outlet that can continue throughout the tween years.