Curriculum and Standards

  • When you think of education, there are three questions that should come to mind?
    1) What are you going to teach?
    2) How are you going to teach that material?
    3) How are you going to measure that you've actually taught what you were supposed to?
    Griggs Road Elementary School follows the South Carolina Education Standards as well as the Common Core State Standards when deciding what to teach our students.  With the standards in place, how we teach becomes the curriculum and classroom teaching methods that we choose.  Measuring what we've taught depends on the grade level.  Everyone has heard about standardized testing and knows that there are all sort of different methods.  The two that we use are MAP (Measures of Academic Progress from a company called NWEA) and PASS (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards).  MAP tests are given to grades 1-5 in the areas of math, language, and reading.  PASS tests are given to grades 3-5 in the areas of math, English language arts, science, and social studies (grades 3 and 5 test in either science or social studies during their given year).
    Listed on the Curriculum and Standards pages are items related to both of these topics.  Instead of copying information from various sources, we have provided links to a variety of websites, PDF files, and other documents that we feel will give you a better understanding of what and how  we teach.  In addition, the Assessment page includes links to our school-wide assessments that measure how well we are doing.