• Our Mission

    To eliminate or alleviate health barriers that interfere with a student's ability to learn and to create a safe and orderly environment, thereby enabling students to become successful life learners.

    The Health room is designed to assist students with chronic conditions and be an emergency station to care for minor injuries and illnesses that occur at school. Injuries or health concerns that occur outside of school should be treated at home or by your health care provider. The school nurse cannot diagnose or prescribe medications.

  •  Health and Education: A Natural Connection -
    Healthy Children Learn Better!



    NEW FOR 22/23
    AS OF JULY 1,2022all students entering school will be REQUIRED by State law to have a South Carolina State Certificate of Immunization (DHEC 4024). School nurses will no longer be able to transfer immunizations onto a SC immunization certificate, which means we will not be able to accept other state immunization records, personal records, or medical provider records unless printed on a DHEC 4024 form. 
    If you need your immunizations transferred onto a SC State Certificate of Immunizations, please contact your medical provider or a York County Health Department.