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Technology Integrated Displays at Kinard

Interactive Technology at Kinard Elementary!

We will have multiple opportunities for families to use technology to interact with the student displays and projects.

 Two free ways to Connect with our interactive displays:

  •  QR Codes - use any free Scanning app to scan QR codes that are linked to websites or videos
  •  Aurasma - free app allowing videos to be linked to a photograph


Both of these Apps are free and our students are familiar with how to use them.  


If you would like to interact with these technology pieces, please make sure that you bring your device with the Scanning App and/or Aurasma already installed on your device.

Our students are Technology Leaders and are looking forward to sharing how they have learned to use technology every day at Kinard.  

To watch the video explaining how to download the apps and use them, click on the link below: