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Larne's Lego League Receives Exemplary Rating

On Saturday, November 17th, Larne’s Inaugural First Lego League Robotics team "Space Cadets" took part in their first competition at Gaffney High School in the regional qualifiers. This year’s theme was “Into Orbit."  While the robot was not very cooperative, the students represented well in the core values portion, robot design, and by showing outstanding behavior.  The team received the highest rating of "Exemplary" in all categories, which put them within inches of qualifying for the state competition.  
Team members include Nathaniel Bowen, Daelyn Thomas, DeAngelo Turner, Jaden Hardin, Diana Brakefield, Wade Ward, Ashley Siverd, Noah Owens, and Colton Willis. These students have been working very hard for the past seven weeks developing their LEGO robot for mission challenges, creating a project based on solving a problem related to the theme, and working on their core values as a team that include Professionalism and “Coopertition” through discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork, and fun!

Way to go Larne Space Cadets!!