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JROTC Cadets Excel at Leadership School

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Twelve cadets from the Clover High School Air Force Junior ROTC program spent July 28 through August 2 at the Eagle Challenge Cadet Officer Leadership School at the W.E. Skelton 4H Conference Center at Smith Mountain Lake Virginia.

Retired Major Brian Batson, the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor in the program at Clover High School (CHS), accompanied the cadets. Those attending were:  Brittany Brinkley, Harrison Brooks, Chase Calvert, Michael Drum, Jackson Gordon, Zackary Hurley, Tyler Lightsey, Samantha Lucas, Christopher Owen, Brandon Parker, George Ramsey and Steven Tallmadge.

“Two hundred fifteen  cadets attended this school from 15 different schools across Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina,” said Batson. “It’s an intense week-long curriculum of physical training, drill, team sports, room and uniform inspections, and leadership activities.  The cadets are on the go from sunup to sundown. The cadets had to apply and be recommended by the CHS JROTC instructors to attend. “All these cadets will play key leadership roles in our program this coming year.”

The twelve cadets graduated from the leadership school on August 2. Cadet Harrison Brooks was chosen as the “Top Cadet in Fitness”. Cadet Tyler Lightsey was recognized as “Outstanding Flight Cadre. Cadet Samantha Lucas was named the school’s most “Inspirational Cadet. Cadets Brittany Brinkley, Jackson Gordon and Christopher Owen were named their respective flight’s “Top Cadet”.

“We are very proud of all our cadets who attended and graduated,” said Batson. “It is very admirable of them to give up a week of their vacation to spend on self-improvement”.

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