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Yesterday, Clover High School had three Blue Eagles who participated in the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s event, “Ignite Your Innovation”. Jessica Stabell, Ian Storms, and Chandler Thomas represented Blue Eagle Nation as they collaborated and networked with students and businesspeople throughout York County to brainstorm and create solutions to real-life problems that may arise in the business world.
In the attached picture, Jessica, Ian and Chandler and are listening to a York Tech representative tell them about 3D printing. Many of you may ask, “What is 3D printing?” To give you an example, remember the event and movie, Apollo 13 in which there was a critical problem aboard that almost prevented the crew from returning to Earth? Knowing what materials were onboard, NASA engineers designed a solution to ultimately bring the capsule back to Earth and save the lives of the Apollo 13 crew.
Fast forward to 2017 when the astronauts onboard the International Space Station were working to complete a task and did not have a needed tool. Once again, engineers on Earth designed the needed tool but this time, they sent the design electronically via satellite to the ISS and the astronauts printed the actual tool using a
3D printer. How cool is that?! Wouldn’t George Jetson be proud? 😊 Here is the link to the article: . ~Mrs. Starnes
ignite your innovation