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Apprenticeship 2000

Last Friday in Blue Eagle Nation’s Student Union, representatives from Apprenticeship 2000 (Phaff-Molds, Chiron America, Blum, Ameritech, Daetwyler and Burkert) and Apprenticeship Charlotte (Siemens and Groninger) spoke with interested students about apprenticeship opportunities. Students who are selected for these 4-year European style apprenticeship programs have a game-changing opportunity to jumpstart their careers debt-free as they earn while they learn by having all tuition and expenses paid for while receiving paid on-the-job training. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program, these students will have an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree from CPCC, guaranteed employment with a competitive salary along with excellent benefits, and a Journeyman’s Certificate that is recognized nationwide and in other countries.


In the attached photo, you may recognize a familiar face as the apprentice standing between the company representatives is Chris Perez, a 2018 CHS graduate and member of CHS’s Middle College program. Chris was selected as a 2018 Phaff Mold apprentice and is half-way through his first semester in the apprenticeship program. Companies in these apprenticeship programs are holding an open house for students and parents on January 12, 2019. Interested students may find out how to register for the open house by seeing Mrs. Starnes in ATC C-building.


For more information on these programs, please visit and .


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