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Clover High School MacBook / Textbook / Uniform Return

Clover High School Equipment Return Plan



Please Return the Following Items

to Your Respective Campus:

  • MacBooks (Seniors Only)
  • Textbooks (All Students)
  • Library / Classroom Books (All Students)
  • ROTC Uniforms (All Students)

Collection Procedures:

  • Collection will be facilitated in a drive-thru format without the necessity of exiting your vehicle.
  • Staff members will be on-site to retrieve items.
  • These procedures apply to MacBooks, textbooks, and library / classroom books. 

ROTC Uniform Procedures: 

  • If you have ROTC uniforms to return, first proceed to the Ninth Grade Campus (NGC) parking lot. 
  • Once you have parked, you will meet ROTC staff at the location marked on the map below for inventory inspection and collection. 
  • Then continue to other locations for item returns.

Return Dates




Each Day



SENIOR (12th)

A-K..........May 18th

L-Z..........May 20th

Make-Up...May 22nd 


All.........May 26th


All..........May 27th

JUNIOR (11th)

All..........May 28th

9th - 11th Make-Up
May 29th


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