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Remote Learning Assistance for Parents

Remote learning days will be taking place on November 23 and 24, 2020.  Here are some resources to help assist you while students are learning from home.  Teachers and students have practiced skills needed to be successful on these days.  We are proud of everyone for their work in being prepared.

General FAQs

Webex Tips - this document explains how to connect to a Webex meeting and offers some troubleshooting tips.

Webex Troubleshooting - this site is geared more towards problems when accessing Webex on a Macbook for s=high school students, but may be helpful in a pinch.

Using Canvas - this document shows parents how to view Canvas from the perspective of the student.  It is easier to see assignments and communication from teachers when viewing Canvas as the student, rather than viewing from the parent Observer role.

Using Seesaw - this document shows how students open an assignment in Seesaw, how to complete it and turn it in. 

Please contact your child's teacher if you have questions about the work to be completed on these days.  Schedules for each day will follow the regular school day and have been send to parents through email.  There will be live Webex sessions throughout the day as communicated in the email.  

Please call the technology help line at 803-810-8003, extension 5 if you need technical help.