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Clover Virtual Academy - FAQs

Questions pertaining to Elementary School, Middle School, and High School Schedules

● Is there an option for half virtual and half in-school?
All core classes will be taken in the virtual platform. Some elective courses will need to be

face-to-face learning opportunities.

● What daily schedule can be expected - ie: hours per day?

Teachers are working with the CVA team to create a student centered schedule that has flexibility. CVA is a virtual school that is replacing the students attending a physical building. A set schedule for classes will be made with the classroom teacher. While students can expect a similar daily workload to a regular school day, the format of the classes and flexibility will be representative of a flexible, virtual schedule.

● Will tests need to be taken at a specified time? Or will there be flexibility as to when the students take the tests? Will teachers be accessible to answer questions of students while they are taking tests (eg: if a student is unclear about what a question is asking)?

Teachers will create a syllabus for their class and assessments will have a suggested completion date based on the teacher’s syllabus. There will be timeframes for students to complete assignments and assessments. Students will have flexibility as long as it is within the agreed timeframe.

● If we opt not to enroll and school shuts down again, will all students move into this curriculum?

In that situation, face to face students would enter e-Learning with their classroom teacher. e-Learning has improved because the online platform is available to all teachers, but these students will not become CVA students in the event of a shutdown.

● When will I find out that the courses on my child's schedule are available in Clover Virtual School?

Once a student completes the registration for CVA, we will review their schedule and communicate with the family prior to finalizing the registration.

● How will attendance be taken?
A plan is currently being created, but attendance will be tracked by student participation and

assignment completion​.
● When do students sign up for their classes?

Middle and High School students have completed the course selection process. Once a student completes the registration for CVA, we will review their schedule and communicate with the family prior to finalizing the registration.

● Will the classes be synchronous or asynchronous or a combination of the two? Classes will be a combination of the two.

● Can they accelerate through classes?

Students will be presented with opportunities to receive instructions directly from their teachers as well as work independently. During independent practice, students will be able to accelerate through certain components of the current unit they are completing.

● I​f my children attend CVA, will they get to interact with other students?

Students can come to the CVA building for small group instruction or tutoring. There will be opportunities for clubs and activities through CVA. Also, students can participate in sports through their home school.

Questions pertaining to Electives, Activities, and Sports

● What sports are involved?
Students can participate in sports through their home school.

● Will students still be required to PE?
Yes, physical education is a state requirement for graduation and will be offered in a virtual

format at CVA.

● Will my student still be able to join the band? And participate in other school activities?

Yes, students can enroll in CVA and participate in band and other activities through their home school.

● Will there be online fun electives for kids to take with other online students?
Edmentum has full course offerings for electives. The list of course offerings is being finalized by

the CVA team and will be available for parents and students after July 20th.

Questions pertaining to AP, Honors, and GT courses

● Will AP and dual enrollment courses still be offered through the virtual academy?
Yes, CVA students will have AP courses and DE courses available. We will review each schedule

to ensure that the courses needed for the semester are offered by CVA.

● How will GT testing work for 2nd graders?
GT testing would likely occur on the CVA campus or at the students home school.

Questions pertaining to Technology

● Will there be a need for physical textbooks? If so, how do we go about getting them?

Some components of the curriculum may require a supplemental resource such as a book or workbook (primarily for elementary students). Clover Virtual Academy will work with parents and students pertaining to receiving any supplemental materials.

● Do students hold on to their devices from last year to participate in CVA?
Yes, unless they are due for an upgrade. They will receive the same device and support as

students in schools.

● Is CVA done at home or at another location?
CVA will be taken virtually at home or any location the student has access to high speed internet.

Small group instruction and tutoring appointments can be made via WebEx or the CVA building.

● How will classes with a lab be taught?
Edmentum offers virtual labs for appropriate courses. Some labs may also be re-created at


● Will ipads or computers be provided for each student in CVA?
Yes. Students in grades K-8 will have iPads and students in grades 9-12 will have Macbooks.

Questions pertaining to Grading

● Are the GPA's of CVA students considered in conjunction with the GPA's of students attending CHS so that their class rank is taking all students into consideration? Or do the CVA students have their own class rank, and CHS students have their own class rank?

9-12 CVA students are still part of CHS. All courses count toward their GPA and class rank at CHS.

● Will the grading scale remain the same?
Yes, teachers will grade using district policies and guidelines.

Questions pertaining to Online Learning Platform

● Do all classes use the same application? All homework in one place? All missed assignments available for make up? Centralized homework locations for all classes?

All major components for students will be housed within the learning management system (Canvas) and the virtual platform.

● My student struggled with going back and forth with Canvas, google docs, notability, etc. If we go back to e learning, will it be like last year with all these options, or one platform that he could manage. I feel I need to know this to make a decision.

E-Learning, if reinstated, would use all available resources depending on the work. A big difference this year will be access to our online curriculum and lessons for all teachers to support eLearning.

● For eighth graders scheduled to take high school courses, will those be available - French /Spanish 1, Math 1?

Yes. Students will have an opportunity to take courses for high school credit while in middle school.

● Will the platform have captions? If not, how will heating impaired students be accommodated please?

The online learning platform will have captions.

● How available will teachers be to our students?
Clover Virtual Academy is a fully virtual school. Teachers will be available each school

day at designated times.

● Will the student’s need special permission, or "acceptance" to attend?

CVA is open to all students; however, CVA students must be able to work independently and collaborate to be successful in the program.

● Will parents be expected to serve as learning coaches for students ?
The platform will be highly organized and the teachers will lead instruction. Teachers will be

available for individual and group virtual and face to face support.

● Is there a cap on the number of students who can enroll at CVA?

Based on survey responses, we are confident we can accommodate all students who are interested. We would encourage all parents to complete the registration information as soon as possible.

Questions pertaining to Special Education Services

● Is there a coordinator at CVA who will work with parents to ensure that IEPs and 504 plans are followed?

CVA will have a Special Education department that will work with students and families to provide full services.

● My student has an IEP, how will that work?

Students with IEPs will receive services with a CVA Special Education teacher. The CVA teacher will review the student’s IEP and communicate with his/her current Special Education teacher to provide the highest level of service for the student.

● If the child is in a resource room, will that time be taken from actual class time?

A resource accommodation would be offered beyond the class or course. Specifics for each child will be worked out through the IEP team.