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CSD Documents Daimler’s Readiness for Construction

In an effort to dispel any misconceptions regarding the suitability of the Daimler Boulevard property as the home of Clover School District’s (CSD) second high school, the district today released three letters prepared by independent, outside organizations to verify that it meets all requirements for construction.


The construction of a new high school on the Daimler site will appear on the November 8 general election ballot. 


CSD has owned the Daimler property since 2011.  As a result of seeking an earlier bond to build a high school, the district pursued several different evaluations of the property to ensure that it would be an appropriate location for a new school. These investigations include:

  • Initial Site Investigation 

  • Due Diligence Analysis

  • Topographic Survey

  • Wetland Delineation

  • Geotechnical Report

  • As-Built Utility and Infrastructure Mapping

  • South Carolina Department of Transportation Traffic Study

Click this link to see each letter.

Brian Crutchfield, Principal with the Timmons Group, wrote, “As a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of South Carolina, it is my professional opinion that this site is suitable for the construction of a high school.”


Similarly, Ben Thompson, Principal with McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, wrote, “...[I]t is our view that the property is well-suited for the proposed school…, internal and external infrastructure, and the outdoor recreational fields.”


Because conversations are underway to change the name of Daimler Boulevard, voters in the community will see the Tax Map ID of 48880000011 in the Bond Referendum question on the November 8 ballot. The use of the Tax Map ID in the Bond question also commits the School Board to constructing the school on this property and not moving it to another location, as some bond opponents would suggest.


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