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CSD launches app for Android, iPhone

Clover School District today announced the launch of its CSD Mobile App, an all-in-one information source for parents, students, staff and community. Created by Piphone app arentLink, the app was developed specifically to provide direct access to the district’s most sought after information in the most convenient format -- your mobile device.
Recognizing trends in social technology and the unprecedented use of Smartphone’s and tablet devices, Clover School District has elected to become part of the mobile environment to better connect and collaborate with the majority of their stakeholders. CSD is one of only a few districts in South Carolina and the first in the Charlotte metro region to offer a mobile app to its students, parents, and community.
“Our choice to go mobile goes directly back to our mission to improve student performance,” said CSD superintendent Dr. Marc Sosne. “Enabling our parents and students to connect with the district in real-time, at their own convenience magnifies engagement. We believe this resource will help in terms of transparency and parent interaction.”
The CSD Mobile App provides password-protected access for student and parents to see live grade and attendance information, allowing parents and students to stay up to date on student progress at anytime, from anywhere. From the app, users can also set their own grade and assignment requirements, a feature which allows the parent or student to be immediately alerted through a push notification if a student’s score or grade drops below that self-selected threshold.

Other app features include:
  • District and school news, allowing the user to select which feeds they want to follow
  • Push notifications for the district to send out instant alerts to the user’s mobile device
  • Sports scores, schedules, and links to sports sites
  • Calendar information, including the ability to add events to the user’s device calendar
  • A tip line for users to provide suggestions, security issues and other important information
  • School and district directories
  • Contact information for teachers, administrators and other staff
  • Links to the district’s Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Sites
  • Superintendent updates with the latest communications from your district leaders
“We know all parties -- students, parents, community and staff-- will find great value in this app,” said ParentLink President John Graff. “We are excited to provide the Clover community with a mobile resource to make collaborating with their local school district, an enjoyable and easy part of their busy schedules.”
The CSD Mobile App is free for users and available for immediate download on iPhone or iPad and Android devices.
Note: Login information will be provided to students and parents over the course of the next few weeks.