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Clover High School Adds Safety Measures for Athletic Events at Memorial Stadium

Safety Measures: 1, Metal Detectors - 2, Clear Bags - 3, Adult supervision for students 12 and under - 4, Arrive Early

CLOVER, S.C. – Safety is of the utmost importance in the Clover School District, and we remain proactive in creating a safe and enjoyable environment in our schools and at school events.  With that goal in mind, CSD will implement new safety measures at all home football games this season.

Memorial Stadium will have several new security measures in place for the when the new school year kicks off in August of 2019.  New implemented safety requirements include:

  • A clear bag policy
  • Metal Detectors and Wands at each entrance
  • Parental guidance required for all students 12-years-old and younger

Keys, cell phones, diaper, and other belongings should be placed in clear bags. Under the new requirement, bags not allowed include: purses, bags, or containers larger than a small clutch, backpacks, binocular cases, briefcases, camera bags, cinch bags, coolers, diaper bags, fanny packs, grocery/trash bags, luggage of any kind, mesh bags, and tinted plastic bags.  Officials will make exceptions for bags containing necessary medical items following entrance inspections. 

“The events at Memorial Stadium represent a great deal of pride for our community.  There are a number of people who put in a lot of time and effort to provide a top-notch, family-friendly experience at each event.  In keeping with our commitment to excellence, we want to provide the safest possible venue for our students and our families.  I am proud of our district and their collaboration with law enforcement in developing protocols to ensure a continued great experience at Memorial Stadium."

Rod Ruth, Principal – Clover High School