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Message from Superintendent Dr. Sheila Quinn

Hello CSD,

It is hard to believe we have made it to the end of another school year.  The normal highs of the impending summer break feel a little strained amid the difficulties of COVID-19 and the recent tragic events in our nation.  Many of our families are deeply saddened by the violent forces that threaten to divide our country. Make no mistake, injustice, violence, brutality, racism, and hatred in all of its forms have no place in our society.

As we move into a time of rest and reflection, I want to remind us all of what it means to be ONE Clover School District family.  While we have been forced to social distance from one another during the close of this school year,  we remain committed to our mission to support Each Child….Each Day….with Excellence.   The motto “Each Child” is intentional because it says that we value and respect the uniqueness of each and every one of our students. 

Our words and actions are guided by our core values.  We value meaningful experiences that give students a vision of who they are today and what they can become in the future.  We strive for continuous improvement by working together, building upon each other’s strengths and weaknesses and upholding each individual’s personal dignity.  We connect with one another to foster personally relevant experiences that make us and the world we live in a better place. Most importantly, we ensure each child is afforded a physically and emotionally safe and nurturing environment in which to grow and thrive.  

As we move into a well-deserved summer break, I send a heartfelt message of thanks to all of our students and staff who worked to forward our mission this year.   I also remind you that we are fortunate to live and work in CLOVER, the district with LOVE in the middle.  Let the bedrock of love be your contribution to improving our district and our world in the coming months. #BetterTogether!

Warmest Regards,

Sheila Quinn