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Message from Dr. Quinn: August 20

Good evening Clover School District Students and Families:

This message can be viewed in video form via this LINK

The time has arrived for us to begin this school year and I can tell you that your principals, teachers, and I are SO EXCITED to have you back with us after this long summer break.  I have been touring the buildings across the district, and I can tell you that our staff has done everything they can to be ready for you.

My purpose for contacting you today is to give you some final information and reminders about important changes for this school year. 

First, CVA parents, the State’s migration to an externally-hosted version of PowerSchool has caused some delays in getting your schedules completed so that you can see them in Parent Portal.  However, I want you to know that we have all of your teachers in place and your children do have a schedule. CVA teachers are looking forward to welcoming you at the virtual meet the teacher and orienting you to your new learning platform next week. 

Second, for our families starting face to face LEAP Week or A/B Hybrid on Monday, please remember the following:

  1. We have new staggered start times for arrival in the mornings. For car riders and high school drivers, we need you to drop off as close to that start time as possible.  (Elementary 7:05-7:30, Middle 8:00 – 8:30, and high school 8:30 – 9:00).  If you get to school too early, that will present problems.  We can no longer have students congregating together outside or in gyms, cafeterias, or halls without social distancing.  We want you to be able to go straight to class, so we have to give our teachers time to get to school and get into their classrooms.
  2. All water fountains will be closed, so please remember to bring a water bottle if you need a drink of water during the day.
  3. Don’t forget your masks. If you do not have one, two reusable masks will be provided to you.  You will not be allowed to board a bus or enter a school without a mask on.  For students with medical conditions, a shield will count as your mask.
  4. The first few weeks of school will be time to get to know you, give out or refresh computers or iPads, reteach students how to use Canvas or SeeSaw learning management systems on eLearning days, and complete iReady or MAP assessments so that we know where our students are academically.

Throughout this school year, it is vitally important that you monitor your health each morning before you come to school.  If you are sick, it is best to err on the side of caution and stay home.  The most critical symptoms we would like you to look for are

  • New-onset cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Fever or No Fever

If a student or anyone in the family is experiencing these symptoms, it is best to stay home and monitor your symptoms and preferably see a doctor.  We will be going over the Clover CARES pledge with students and families and asking all staff and students to CARE –  Committing to and Respecting Everyone’s Safety. 

For families in financial need or families with no internet services, we have a limited number of Hotspots available for you to use so that you can be ready for the at-home learning days.  The State Department of Education has pre-identified some families who will have first priority for Hotspots.  Clover School District has purchased additional hotspots that our social workers will be identifying families to receive. 

From August 24 – August 28 elementary school students will be on the LEAP schedule.  August 31 – September 10, elementary school students will be on A/B day schedule.  By now, you should be hearing from your school or teacher which day you attend for LEAP and for A/B day. We know that this schedule is disruptive to our working families.  There are several churches including Bethel Baptist, Journey at Lake Wylie, Clover ARP, First Baptist Church of Clover, Lake Wylie Christian Assembly, and agencies in our community like the YMCA and Camp Thunderbird who are offering childcare for elementary-age students through September 10.  Some of these programs have a fee for childcare and some are free. Tonight, we will be sending you a flyer with all the childcare options.  Space is limited, so you must call soon to reserve your child’s spot.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our faith-based friends and our community partners for wrapping their arms around our young children and providing this service to families.  This is not a school program, but these organizations are doing what they can to support our schools and it is a great show of community support.

Finally, I reviewed the DHEC COVID activity for the prior two-week period.  I am happy to report that the spread is trending downward for both York County and the Clover zip code areas.  The incident rate in York County is still rated “High” (over 200), but only by one case.  The trend is rated “Low” because the number of positive cases is dropping.  The percent positive is rated “High” at 12% positive, but only 2% over the moderate level.  At the height of the spread in our area, the percent positive was over 20%.  This is not a time to get reckless and let your guard down.  Please continue to practice social distancing in your neighborhoods and home lives.  Follow the advice of our Governor and State Superintendent of Education and use your masks when in public so that we can keep our schools open and keep our staff and students safe.

Thank you for working closely with us to serve your children this year.  We look forward to seeing you all very soon!