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Update from Dr. Quinn - Sunday, Oct. 18


In our school reopening plan this summer, we communicated that we would take time at the Quarter 1 Interim period to reflect upon our progress at all school levels, analyze all portions of our plan (instructional model, health and safety protocols, sanitation protocols, transportation, meal services, and communication), and recommend changes to the plan that reflect the learning needs of our students and the level of safety our local conditions warrant.

Over the last two weeks, I have met with our school board, administrators, and teachers to analyze our needs. The purpose of today’s video and email is to announce the changes we are ready to implement now and solicit middle and high school parents' participation in a survey that will help us make some final decisions regarding the next phase of our instructional schedule for grades 6-12. 

This video message will only cover the major highlights of the changes we are proposing at this time.  To get the full information, we ask that you read the CSD Reopening Plan Adjustments document in your email and posted on our website under the CoVID-19 Information Section.

First, York County is still at a Medium Overall CoVID spread rate per DHEC criteria.  Additionally, the 29710 zip code has seen several weeks of decreasing numbers but experienced a slight increase in the number of positive cases in the last two-week period.  Nonetheless, our school level positivity rate has been very low at elementary and middle school levels and slightly higher for the high school level.  You can find all of the exact information on these data inside the Reopening Plan Adjustment document. 

These data are key indicators that CSD should remain in a Hybrid Model for the time being.  However, our focus groups have been looking at potential CHANGES in the hybrid model, including increasing some in-person instruction at middle and high school.  On Monday, October 19, middle and high school, parents will receive a link to a survey to provide us with your feedback on the possibility of increasing the number of at-school, in-person learning days in the coming months. 

Now I would like to share some of the adjustments we are making beginning October 20, 2020.

Instructional Model

  • No major changes to the Elementary Family Model, which has students in-person learning 5 days. However, we will allow students to travel to their special area classes (art, music, PE, media center, technology lab) instead of holding those classes inside the family classroom. 
  • There are three immediate changes in Middle and High Schools: 1) Requires all students who have a D or F in a class or who have a State EOC exam to report on campus on SEE day for extra help and work completion. Attendance will be taken. 2) Pending space in the classroom, teachers will identify students who are not completing assignments on their eLearning day at home or who unreliable internet to come onto campus on their alternate day with the A or B cohort.   Student selection for this option will be based on student needs and available space. 3) Teachers will provide more direct instruction to students who are at-home eLearning through voice-over powerpoints, recorded lessons that students can watch, or live-streamed lessons at the regular instructional class period.

Health and Safety Protocols

  • New 54-inch plexiglass shields that completely encircle student desks will be installed in the middle and high schools. According to DHEC, these shields are tall enough and long enough on the side that a student's desk can be three feet apart instead of six feet apart. 
  • The SCDE purchased the shields. They will arrive and be installed in the next 4-5 weeks.  The use of wrap-around desk shields and masks together may allow the district to bring students back on campus for more in-person learning days.  The key question is when the district can implement this change safely based on the CoVID data.
  • School administrators will begin to develop the health and safety logistics for class change, lunches, and dismissal before we make any move to increase in-person learning at the middle and high school levels.

Nutrition Services

  • The federal government has extended the free breakfast and lunch meals through June 2021 (unless unforeseen changes occur after December). All children will have access to free breakfast and lunches.
  • CVA families may pick up breakfast and lunch from any school each day.
  • Middle and high school students will be provided with a take-home breakfast or lunch they day they are at school that they can consume on the days they will be at home eLearning.

Sanitation Protocols

  • Elementary principals will communicate the cleaning & sanitation protocols for students who are moving to special area classes.


  • The district transportation office will handle the bus sanitation between routes.
  • Transportation will separate the routes for middle and high school students to prepare for more in-person learning.


  • Middle and high school parents should expect a survey in the next few days to provide us with your feedback on a 4-day in person/1-day eLearning hybrid model. The survey will consider your comfort level with this model and a timeline to implement it. 
  • CSD will release a new CoVID dashboard ( to report information daily on the website. It will include our current active, positive rates, our cumulative positive rates since the first day of school, and DHEC’s 30-day CoVID positive rates for staff and students.

Finally, as we move to the end of the first academic quarter, it is critically important that parents monitor that students are completing their at-home in eLearning.  Teachers are uploading assignments, recordings, videos, and activities into Canvas for A/B day or for students who are home quarantining or isolating due to COVID.  When students don’t complete the work, they get further behind, and they dig themselves a hole that is very hard for them to escape.  Please set expectations, schedules, and check-ins with your students to ENSURE they are getting their work done.  Don’t just take their word for it; verify that they have uploaded the work into Canvas or SeeSaw.  If you have questions or concerns on how to check on your child’s submissions, please email your child’s teacher.