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Update from Dr. Quinn - Adjustments to Hybrid Model


At Monday evening’s board work session, CSD shared with the Board of Trustees the results from the most recent parent survey regarding potential changes to the hybrid model at the middle and high school levels.

Here we share the results of the most important questions on that survey along with the changes that we will implement and when those changes will happen.

In preparation, Dr. Quinn met with over 100 teachers and administrators at all levels and conducted a parent survey that was answered by 1,627 middle or high school parents.  Here are the key findings of that survey:

  • 95% Good or Excellent carrying out health protocols
  • 92% Safe at school in the pandemic
  • 69% agreed or strongly agreed in the A/B/SEE
  • 91% MS comfortable moving to 4 +1 model
  • 86% HS comfortable moving to 4+ 1 model
  • 14% HS may seek virtual if 4 days in person
  • 30% CVA indicated a move back to HS in person

Further analysis of the survey indicated that middle school parents preferred an earlier implementation to more in-person learning with Monday, January 4th having the highest weighted score. High School parents preferred to see more in-person learning beginning Tuesday, January 19 which coincides with the change from first to second semester at the high school level.

Clover School District will continue to monitor the COVID metrics within York County, the 29710 and 29745 zip codes, and within the district as it relates to students and staff.  We recognize that currently York County is at a HIGH level of spread.  However, as of today November 12, the district has verified only 5 Active CoVID positive Students and 1 Active Staff and since August 17, the district has reported to DHEC a cumulative total of 73 positive Students and 28 Staff.

Additionally, as we reported to parents on October 18, the SCDE provided our district with the full plexiglass desk shields, which have already been installed at the middle school and are being installed this week at the high school campuses. These shields, while not aesthetically pleasing, will allow students to be 3-feet apart in the classroom according to DHEC without having to quarantine if there is a positive student nearby.  This will give us the ability to bring more students back on campus each day safely. 

As a result, the district plans to make the following changes:

Instructional Model

  • The hybrid model will be modified at the middle and high school level to a 4+1 model.
  • Students will attend in-person 4 days – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • There will be an eLearning Day for all students on Wednesday that will operate like our current SEE Day. Students will have synchronous or asynchronous lessons at home and may be invited onto campus for extra help, tutoring, or make up work if needed.
  • Moving the eLearning day to Wednesday allows for additional cleaning of the shields in the middle of the week and keeps students working on their lessons all week school rather than feeling like Friday is a non-school day.
  • Elementary schools will remain in the Family Model five days. The 4+1 model for middle and high school will begin on Monday, January 11, 2021 for middle school and Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the start of the second semester for high school level.
  • These dates were thoughtfully selected because they allow for more than a 14-day buffer after Christmas for middle school and more than 14 days after New Year’s Eve for high school.


  • The transportation department is going to separate middle and high school bus routes to provide safe seating spaces for increased numbers of students will require a schedule change.
  • The middle school start time is going to move to an 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. school day.
  • High School will keep the 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. school day

Nutrition Services

  • No changes will be made to how meals are served at the middle school level. Students will pick up meals and eat in their classroom.
  • At the high school there will be some changes since there will be more students on campus. Students will sign up for meals through a google sign up and meals will be delivered to 3rd block classrooms.

Sanitation Protocols

  • Desk shields are already being installed now in November, which will give the district time to assess their effectiveness.  Shields will be sanitized through after-hour spraying and additional cleaning of the shields will be done by the custodians on Wednesday eLearning day.

Request to transfer to or from CVA

  • Williams will hold a parent WebEx meeting for students who are requesting to transfer back to CHS/9GC. CVA counselors will work with CHS counselors on new schedules.
  • Clover High counselors will contact the parents who responded to district survey and work with CVA counselors for students who want to transfer to CVA.
  • An intent form will be sent out to high school families tomorrow, Friday, November 13th from Dr. Williams, Mr. Ruth, and Mr. Johnson.
  • Deadline to submit a transfer request – November 20, 2020.

Finally, and most important, we know that parents are making difficult decisions about how or even if to have Thanksgiving gatherings with extended family.  We are sympathetic to that concern for both our staff and students.  To reduce the chance that any spread at school could impact our families, the district is going to implement two Remote Learning days on Monday and Tuesday, November 23rd and November 24th for all students on brick and mortar campuses.  The purpose is two-fold, first it will allow the last day on campus to be Wednesday, Thursday (A/B day students) or Friday (elementary students) of the week before Thanksgiving.  If we have any positive cases or have to quarantine any close contacts, our nurses will have time to notify families who may need to avoid gathering with more vulnerable family members for Thanksgiving Day. 

Lessons for the two remote days, will be SYNCHRONOUS. Students will be at home, but teachers will be teaching live from their school.  The elementary schools will communicate the schedule they will run with students on those days and they will practice with students ahead of time so that they know exactly what to do.  The middle and high schools will run their exact bell schedule.   A and B day students will learn together in the WebEx both days and attendance will be taken.  Students will log into WebEX receive a direct lesson from their teacher and complete activities after the teacher’s direct instruction just like they would in a normal class.   For families without reliable internet, video lessons and activities will be loaded into Canvas or SeeSaw or downloaded directly on the device so that students can get to them without the internet.  We have deployed all of our Mi-Fi units to families who need them. Lessons should be turned in on the teacher-assigned due date or no later than November 30 for families who need to upload from the device when they return to school after the holiday.  

Meals for Monday and Tuesday remote learning days will be sent home with students on their last day of in-person learning (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday). 

We know that moving to two days remote learning before Thanksgiving will be a relief for some and an inconvenience for others (maybe both).  Therefore, we wanted to put this full message out now to give you two weeks to prepare for it.