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DHEC Opt-Out Form; Emergency Called Meeting

DHEC Wavier Available

Link: DHEC FORM D-4286

Pursuant to the Governor’s executive order DHEC has provided a waiver for students from the face covering requirement on school premises except for school buses, which can be downloaded here: DHEC FORM D-4286.  The CSD Board of Trustees will consider amendments to policy ADD.  

As a matter of public health guidance during a pandemic, DHEC and the State Superintendent still recommend the continued use of face-coverings when social distancing is not possible on school premises.  Other mitigation factors including visitor restrictions, social distancing, barriers, contact tracing and quarantine procedures will remain in place until further guidance is provided.

A copy of the opt-out form has been printed and sent home with elementary and middle school students.  A copy of the form is also attached to this email.  Any parent wishing to opt their student out of the face-covering requirement must complete the form and return it to school with the student.  Your cooperation and support are appreciated. 


Emergency Called Meeting

The Clover School District Board of Trustees will hold an emergency special called meeting on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 5:00pm.

The emergency special called meeting will be held in the Seminar/Board Room and is open to the public.  Seating during the work session will be limited as we will follow social distancing guidelines.  

The agenda and supporting documents are now available for viewing at: