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Update: Fall Opening Plan


In July, the district announced its intentions to open school in the Fall at Level 1:  In-Person Learning with Strategic Health and Safety Protocols.

In the midst of a spike in COVID-19 cases due to Delta variant, DHEC released new guidance for school reopening.  CSD still intends to open in Level 1 status but we have made a few strategic revisions Level 1 based upon the latest guidance.  

Quick overview of the opening plan protocols for Level 1:

Instructional model:

  • 5-days in-person learning for all levels
  • Regular start time (7:30 Elementary, 8:30 Middle and High)
  • Classrooms individual desks will be set up at 3-feet apart or in pods of four that are 6 feet apart in some elementary schools
  • At arrival and dismissal, students will be waiting in the larger indoor venues and outside while the weather is good so that students can spread out at least 3-6 feet
  • Parents, we ask that you drop your student off in the car-rider line and do not enter the building while the Covid-19 spread is high in York County.
  • We do plan to have parent participation at events inside the school this year, but we are going to set them up to control the crowd size and allow for social distancing. Please pay close attention to the time slot you are given for Meet the Teacher Night next week.  Parents, in Level I – we ask that you consider wearing a mask while inside our schools. 
  • Recess will be outside when possible and children will play with just their classmates for now while spread of the Delta variant remains a concern. This will help cut down on the contact tracing if there is a positive case.
  • Activities and field trips will be on an approval basis, meaning that we will approve only those activities that can be done safely while the Delta variant spread is high.

Health and safety protocols:

  • First and foremost, if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and monitor your health for a few days. Don’t assume that you have not been exposed to this very contagious Delta variant. 
  • South Carolina law requires schools to make masks optional in all school facilities for all staff and students. Additionally, the State Department of Education is not enforcing the CDC mask mandate on public transportation including school buses.  CSD will follow a mask optional policy as long as this law is in place.  However, we highly recommend while the Delta variant is spreading, that you consider wearing a mask to protect yourself and others around you.   Even if you can’t wear it all day, it would be helpful at arrival, dismissal, and at class changes, if you would consider protecting yourself.
  • All staff will have individual face shields. Students may request a face shield.
  • We will also provide a wrap-around desk shields for any student who would like to have one.
  • We will be washing hands and using hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day.
  • Our HVAC dampers and filter system will be operating at the maximum number of cubic feet per minute to bring in fresh air. We will crack windows and overhead vents on buses to increase air flow on the bus.
  • Per DHEC requirements, we will be contact tracing and sending home any students or staff with symptoms of Covid-19 or a positive COVID-19 test for 10 days and quarantining any student or staff who were close contacts (within three feet of a positive case) for 14 days.
  • Vaccinated individuals will not be contact-traced. However, we will be recommending that vaccinated individuals seek a free Covid-19 test at our district testing site within three days of the close contact just to be sure they are not asymptomatically positive with Covid-19. 

Sanitation Protocols:

  • Common and high touch areas will be cleaned 2-3 times per day. After school classes will be disinfected by our custodial team. In rooms where there has been a confirmed positive Covid-19 case, we will conduct deep spraying prior to students and staff re-entering.

Meals Services

  • Cafeterias will operate at 50% capacity. Students will have opportunities to eat in other venues such as classrooms and outdoor spaces as well.  The goal is to maintain 3-6 feet of distance when eating for all students and staff.


  • Buses will start the year at 100% capacity per SCDE. As such, we encourage as many parents who can set up carpools for their children to do so.  Masks will be optional but HIGHLY recommended on buses. Seating charts will be used to identify students for contact tracing. 


  • If there is a need to move to Level II, the District Office will communicate directly with parents via Blackboard phone messaging, email, and social media. Level II has tighter health and safety protocols and includes the Family Model and Shield Model that we used last year.
  • If there is a need to move to Level III - intermittent remote learning - for an individual who is isolating or quarantining, the school nurse will notify the parents. Students and teachers may join the class on the regular schedule via WebEx if you are isolating or quarantining due to COVID-19. 
  • If an entire class, grade level, or school has to move to remote learning, the principal will notify parents. 20% positive cases in a single class or 10% of the grade level or school will trigger a move to intermittent remote learning.
  • The district COVID-19 tracker will be operational on our website so that families can see the number of student and staff positive cases, number of isolating students and staff, and number of quarantining students and staff on a daily basis.