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Shortened Quarantine Update

Mask Agreement from Close Contact

Mask Agreement from Household Close Contact

CSD has adopted the shortened quarantine options that DHEC allows in order to bring students and staff back from quarantine sooner.  Roughly 6% of the quarantined students thus far have become positive; many of those were household close contacts.  Therefore, we believe it is safe to implement DHEC’s shortened quarantine. We know that it will help our working families if students and staff get back into school sooner.  But remember, shortened quarantine options require the individual to wear a mask through Day 14 of the quarantine period.  Families, we will have a consent form for you to sign to voluntarily wear a mask for the remaining days.

What changes can you expect?

  1. One-time close contacts can return to school on Day 8 if they take a COVID-19 test through a provider (not a home test) and receive a negative result. Parents will need to send a copy of the negative test on Day 8 with your child.
  2. One-time close contacts who don’t want to take a test can return on Day 11 if the student is asymptomatic.
  3. Household close contacts can return at Day 18 with a negative COVID-19 test taken between Day 15 -17 or they can return on Day 21 without a test.
  4. Finally, students who can isolate from their family members who are sick, may take advantage of the early return dates from quarantine. So, for example, if a high school student can fully isolate from a sick sibling or parent and he remains asymptomatic, he/she may come back as early as Day 8 with a negative test.  Some of our families are split and a student can easily move to the alternate family member’s or a grandparent’s house for the shortened quarantine period and avoid being in the household contact long quarantine.

How and when we will implement this change?

A communication team will be assembled to work with the nurse at your child’s school.  The COVID-19 data sheets must be updated with new quarantine dates for documentation purposes.  That will take a day to accomplish. The communication team member will begin making calls to parents on Tuesday, September 21st, to notify you of your student’s new quarantine dates and options.  We will organize the calls in order of students who have the option to return the earliest, so if you don’t get a call on Tuesday, it may be Wednesday or later due to your quarantine dates.  This weekend may be a good time to seek a test if that is your preferred option.  There is no need to email or send in the test until after you have been contacted by one of the communication team members.  Just be sure you are in the window of Day 5-7 for one-time close contact or Day 15-17 for household close contacts.  If you do not want to test, the communication team member will give you a different date to return.