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CSD Board Approves 2022-2023 Operating Budget

CLOVER, S.C. – The Clover School District Board of Trustees approved a $111.4 million operating budget for the 2022-23 school year during its monthly board meeting on Monday night, June 27th.

The growth in this year’s budget is representative of the change in the state funding formula for schools, which now includes Education Improvement Act funds previously not listed as part of the district’s overall budget. The increase is also representative of the growth in the district, with 22 new positions added.  The district also received additional funds from the state which helps offset part of the growth.

The additional funds from the state and reallocation of other resources allowed the district to absorb the increase without raising the operating mileage to maintain a balanced budget.

Clover School District teachers will receive a $2,000 raise, plus their annual step increase as part of the 2022-23 budget. Additionally, the district’s bus drivers received a bump in their starting salary to $15.50 an hour.  There were also targeted salary increases for all other support staff, including teacher assistants, cafeteria staff, clerical staff, custodians, maintenance staff, and administrators.

The budget also includes an increase in spending for utilities, student supplies, and additional projected growth in the district.