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CSD High School Students Post Gains on Assessments

High school students in the Clover School District (CSD) posted gains on secondary state assessments released today by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDOE).

In the End of Course Examination Program (EOCEP), Clover students exceeded state results by double digits in the percentage of students attaining proficiency on all assessments. 

“We are so proud of Clover students for their performance on these assessments,” said Superintendent Dr. Sheila Quinn. “Our staff has worked diligently to support student learning as they returned to the classroom following the unimaginable disruption of a pandemic. The efforts of both students and staff have paid off.”

On the English 2 exam, 94.07 % of students were proficient. This was nearly 10 percentage points higher than the state results of 84.32% proficient. CSD students continued a steady climb of improvement over pandemic performance levels. In 2019, 87.5 percent of students were proficient. CSD rebounded to 93.53 in 2021 and exceeded those results this year.

On the Algebra exam, 85.33% of students were proficient. CSD students performed nearly 20 percentage points higher than the state results of 65.99% proficient. Algebra scores have remained relatively stable throughout the pandemic. 83.2% of students were proficient in 2019, and 88.19% were proficient in 2021.

On the Biology exam, 72.81% of students were proficient. CSD students performed more than 15 percentage points higher than the state results of 57.48% proficient. Biology scores also remained stable through the pandemic. 75.5% of students were proficient in 2019, and 73.24% were proficient in 2021.

Students also took part in a pilot test for a new U.S. History and Constitution exam. The exam was administered to try out testing items for a new curriculum implemented last year. This exam did not count toward students’ grades as EOCs typically do, nor did it factor into the district’s overall performance on state accountability measures. A total of 56.98% of Clover students were proficient on this pilot test. Clover’s results were consistent with state results at 56.45% proficient; however, as a pilot test, the State will continue to review the cut scores to ensure they are set at the correct level.

In addition to EOCEP scores, the SCDOE also released measures of career and workplace readiness known as the WorkKeys and WIN.

The WorkKeys assessments measure Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents.  95.3% of Clover students earned a certificate for achievement in these areas. 19.2% of those certificates were Platinum, 20% were Gold and 31.3% were Silver. The combined 70.5% of students earning Platinum, Gold or Silver Certificates are deemed “Career Ready” on the basis of their performance and earning this credential. 

The WIN assessments measure Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information. 89.7% of Clover students earned “Ready to Work” certificates for achievement on these assessments. 44.8% earned Bronze certificates, 41.4% earned Silver certificates and 3.4% earned Gold certificates.  This is the final year for WIN testing as the State transitions fully to WorkKeys going forward.

The final accountability results for high school will present CSD’s results on graduation rate and other measures of college and career readiness (ACT, SAT, AP exams, etc.).  Those data remain embargoed at this time.