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Adult Education Week

The Clover School District (CSD) celebrates Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Sept. 19-23 by sharing the journey of Landon and Tabatha Ivey, a mother and son enrolled in GED classes through our Adult Education program.


Landon enrolled first. He started taking classes last January after dropping out of high school. Landon said he likes the personalized attention he receives in the small classes. He said the one-on-one approach works better for him than the larger class sizes he had in the regular high school environment. 


Tabatha started taking classes just three weeks ago.


“He (Landon) inspired me,” she said. “It just seemed like the right thing and the right time to do it….I can now do what I dreamed about doing.”


Tabatha started her family young and did not complete graduation requirements 20 years ago. She said her previous learning is coming back to her and that she likes the online approach used in the program. 


Today, mother and son are challenging each other to see who will graduate first. They both  have just one subject left. 


After completing the GED program, Landon hopes to enlist in the military and perhaps serve as a medic or law enforcement officer. Tabatha hopes to go on to college and pursue a career in nursing or business. 


Learn more about the Adult Education program by visiting their website or calling 803-810-8440.