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CSD Raises Bus Driver Salaries

In an effort to address a nationwide school bus driver shortage and to express appreciation for the district’s bus drivers, the Clover School District (CSD) Board of Trustees has approved a new salary schedule for bus drivers.


The new starting salary will begin at $18 per hour and extend up to $32.80 for experienced drivers at the top of the scale on step 26. View the full salary schedule.


The new salary schedule has already gone into effect and will be in place for both current drivers and new hires who may join the district’s Transportation Department.


“Our bus drivers are a critical link between home and school. Without them, we can’t carry out our mission of delivering students a high-quality, personalized educational experience. I hope that this raise is tangible proof of our commitment to our drivers for the care they show our students each day,” said Superintendent Dr. Sheila Quinn.


How critical bus drivers are to the district was demonstrated in how strongly students, parents and teachers advocated for district bus drivers.  In meetings with Student Ambassadors, the district’s Parent Advisory Group and the district’s Teacher Forum, each group advocated for additional drivers, sharing admiration for the work they do and their importance to the mission of the school district.


“This raise shows our drivers that they are a meaningful part of our organization. It is my hope that the increased salaries also serve to help us in our efforts to recruit new drivers to the Clover School District,” said Ross Hunter, Transportation Director.