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CSD Board Approves 2023-24 Operating Budget

CLOVER, S.C. – The Clover School District (CSD) Board of Trustees approved a $120.3 million operating budget for the 2023-24 school year during its monthly board business meeting on Monday, May 22nd.

Described as a “people-first budget,” it aims to make Clover School District a "Destination District" for staff. Research shows that having high-performing staff makes the most significant impact on students. The budget includes a $3,000 raise for teachers, which, in part, is being funded by the state.

This year's budget reflects an $8.8M (7.9%) increase over last year's budget. Specific line item increases in state education funding will provide approximately $5,035,000 in new revenue to the district. The remaining $3,842,500 to balance the budget will come from local tax millage.  This increase comes after a 2022-23 budget where the district raised no new taxes for the general operating fund.  As a reminder, the district's operating budget is funded through taxes on businesses, investment properties, second homes, apartments, campers, boats and vehicles. The increase is representative of the growth in the district with 23 new positions, including teachers, nurses, speech pathologists, psychologists, administrators, and bus drivers.

In addition to the $3,000 raise for teachers and step increase for all employees, the district's maintenance staff, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, administrators, and multi-categorical 2/3 special education and technology lab teacher assistants had targeted adjustments made to their pay scale to catch up in areas where the district was lagging behind other school districts, and, therefore, losing high-quality personnel. Over the last two years, the district has been incrementally implementing adjustments to several job categories related to its salary study.  All other positions received the 4% cost of living raises in this budget.

To help off-set the salary increases, the district implemented $1.2 million in cuts from the previous budget, including a decrease in the Apple lease, utilities, contract services and the consolidation of a district-level position.  The district will also seek to implement a new intensive behavior program using federal funding.

View the entire presentation and public budget hearing via the district’s YouTube page by clicking this link.