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CHS’ Lee Jordan Receives Outstanding Specialist Award

Clover High School's Lee Jordan was honored with the Outstanding Specialist Award by the non-profit organization Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) Monday evening at the organization's 40th annual national training seminar in Louisville, Kentucky. 


According to the organization's website (, Outstanding Specialists "are recognized by their state affiliate for going above and beyond their role as specialists in support of our JAG students and staff." Jordan was honored as one of three awardees from the state of South Carolina for his work with students at Clover High School. 


According to former CHS Principal Rod Ruth, "Mr. Jordan is specifically gifted in establishing connections with students and motivating them to accomplish great things."


Jordan has held several different positions at Clover High School, from security detail to truancy officer and student liaison, but it is his current position where Mr. Jordan has made his most significant impact as Ruth states, "His current work as our JAG instructor allows him to continue his history of positive student impact. I have been so motivated and challenged by the passion I see him exhibit in his new role, and it comes as no surprise to discover that he now finds himself among the best in his role. Clover High School is very fortunate to have Mr. Jordan, and I am proud that the state of South Carolina recognizes his excellence."