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CSD Board of Trustees Selects School Names, Mascots and Colors

The Clover School District (CSD) Board of Trustees voted on identities for the three new schools scheduled to open in 2026.

High School #2 will be known as Lake Wylie High School. The selection of this name reflects the geographical location of the school. Lake Wylie was named for brothers Dr. Walker Gill Wylie and Dr. Robert H. Wylie. The Wylie Brothers teamed up with another pair of brothers, William Church Whitner and Frank C. Whitner, who were civil engineers, to construct the first dam on the Catawba River at India Hook Shoals in 1900.

Lake Wylie High School’s mascot will be the Chargers. The board chose to select a mascot that reflects the history of the Lake Wylie area. Dr. Walker Gill Wylie convinced James B. Duke and his partner James Blaney to invest in the South Power Company, which was founded in 1905. Today, the Clover School District community thrives, thanks in part to the local power plant, which is a staple in the community.

Lake Wylie High School’s colors will be light blue and gold. The colors are a nod to the nearby lake and the sunlight reflecting off it.

Middle School #3 will be known as Roosevelt Middle School. The selection of this name pays homage to the segregated Roosevelt School that operated in the Clover community from 1952 to 1970. Roosevelt Middle School will also carry its namesake’s colors and mascot. Roosevelt Middle School will be called the Tigers, and their colors will be blue and gold.

Elementary School #8 will be known as Liberty Hill Elementary. This name was selected to honor the historical significance of the school’s location. Col. William “Billy” Hill operated Hill’s Iron Works on the site during the Revolutionary War. Col. Hill and his partner, Isaac Hayne, used iron from Nanny’s Mountain to manufacture cannons, ammunition and swords which, they sold to patriot forces. The iron operation was destroyed by a British attack on June 18, 1780. The Patriot mascot selected for the school also comes from historical precedent. A group calling themselves the “Patriots of York County” met at the ironworks and resolved to fight for independence despite the British threats. The Patriot mascot will use the red, white and blue color scheme.