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Hometown Heroes: 4 CHS Students Alert Authorities of Fire at School

A special 'thank you' to Clover High School students Montana Sciba, Amber Skinnell, Maddy Hansen, and Rebecca Priode for their quick action Wednesday night to alert authorities of the fire in the old gym laundry room. CN2 News and FOX Charlotte plan to share their story Thursday night.
Wednesday evening three junior varsity softball players and a member of the color guard jumped into action to help stop a fire in the old gym laundry room that could have been much worse. Following softball practice, Montana, Amber, and Maddy smelled and saw white smoke as they entered the rear of the old gym near the girls locker room. They, along with Rebecca, sprung into action immediately after realizing something was not right and there was a fire in the laundry room. Montana calmly called 911 to report the fire and Rebecca pulled the alarm while Maddy and Montana immediately ran through the school looking for help. Softball parents James Sciba, a CHS employee and former fireman, and Steve Skinnell, a Clover firefighter, reacted when retrieved by the students.
Amber, who is a junior firefighter with the Clover Explorers, is trained for moments like this. So is district IT staff member Charlie Walker, a firefighter with the Town of Clover, who happened to be in the building when the call came across his radio. He, too, was swift in his response and is grateful for the actions taken by the teens.

Video inside the laundry room: