Bus Rules

School Bus Safety

Clover School District # 2 is authorized by the S.C. Department of Education to provide school bus transportation for students regularly enrolled within the district's attendance lines.

The Transportation Office realizes that it is working with Clover School District’s most precious resources—its school children.

To help ensure safe, efficient transportation, parents/guardians and students should read the Rules of Conduct so they will know their responsibilities.

Riding the bus is a privilege rather than a right for each student to enjoy.

The Transportation Office will do everything within its authority to provide the safest transportation possible for the students in Clover School District.

Rules of Conduct 

Waiting to Board the School Bus:

  1. All bus drivers are expected to arrive at each designated stop within the same ten minutes of the set hour each day, unless there are uncontrollable factors (mechanical problems, inclement weather, misbehavior, or driver error).

  2. Because school buses operate on a very tight schedule, students should arrive at the bus stop five minutes ahead of the bus. Each student should be on time—bus drivers will not wait for those who are late, unless it's during inclement weather.

  3. While waiting for the bus, students and books or other objects should remain off of the roadway.

  4. Students should wait in an orderly manner, remain in a line at least five feet from the bus when it stops to pick up passengers, and should move toward the bus only after the driver signals them to do so.

  5. Students are asked not to damage property such as flowers, shrubbery, fences, or other items while waiting for the bus.

  6. Students may ride only the bus they are regularly assigned, unless the school principal or the transportation coordinator has granted approval.

  7. Students are prohibited from bringing the following items on the bus: crutches; animals; glass containers; weapons; balloons; radios/tape players/compact disc players; skate boards; oversize items which obstruct the driver’s view, block the aisle or exits, or displace a student from a seat; and any other item or object which will interfere with the safe operation of a school bus. [NOTE: Students may bring band instruments that they can hold in their laps and not obstruct driver view or displace another student’s seating.  If a student has crutches, the parent/guardian may call the transportation office and request transportation on a special needs bus.]

  8. Passengers are to be seated immediately and remain seated while the bus is in motion.

 Riding the Bus:

  1. The driver of a school bus is in complete charge of the passengers while they are aboard the bus and should be given the same respect as a classroom teacher. Complaints against a driver should be directed to the school principal or the transportation coordinator.

  2. Students should conduct themselves in an acceptable manner at all times. Profanity, obscene gestures, horseplay, throwing objects, fighting, and boisterous or other improper conduct will not be tolerated. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom behavior will be observed.

  3. Students will occupy the seat assigned to them by the driver.

  4. The aisle of the bus must remain free of books and other objects.

  5. Passengers should keep their arms, head, or other parts of the body inside the bus at all times.

  6. The driver's view of the passengers and to the outside of the bus must remain unobstructed.

  7. Students should refrain from talking to a driver except in an emergency.

  8. Passengers should not tamper with the emergency door, fire extinguisher, or other safety equipment on the bus.

  9. Students should assist the driver with keeping the bus clean by discarding trash in an appropriate trash receptacle.

  10. Students found responsible for damage, defacement, or vandalism will be charged for damage in conjunction with other disciplinary action.

  11. Passengers should show respect for motorists or pedestrians passing on the route.

  12. Eating, drinking, chewing gum and using tobacco products are prohibited on school buses.

  13. Mobile devices (iPads/MacBooks) should be kept in a book bag while riding the school bus.

 Leaving the Bus:

  1. Students should remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Upon arrival at school, students in the front seats will leave the bus first, and all will exit in an orderly fashion.

  2. Passengers are allowed to leave the bus only at regular designated stops. Drivers are not permitted to make unauthorized stops to drop students. Permanent changes require the approval of the transportation coordinator.

  3. After exiting the bus, students who must cross the highway should go about ten feet to the front of the bus and wait until the driver signals them to cross. All students should promptly move away from the bus after exiting and should never go back toward the bus once the driver has broken visual contact with them. Following these instructions saves lives.