Extra-curricular Participation Information

Information for Participation in Extra-curricular Activities for Non-CSD Students

Two new state statutes that were passed and signed into law by the Governor now allow charter school, home school and governor’s school students to try out for and, if selected, participate in extracurricular activities at the resident school. 

Extracurricular activities in Clover School District are defined as activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of the school or district.  Such activities are generally classified as voluntary, social or athletic.  Students may organize and direct these activities under faculty sponsorship.  Extracurricular activities are not part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit and do not take place during classroom time.  Examples of extracurricular activities in Clover School District include:

  • Sports teams (all tryout dates and rules apply to ALL student participants)

  • Robotics teams

  • Academic quiz teams

  • Model United Nations

  • Clubs (Interact, Junior Optimist Club, etc.)

  • Speed Stacking

To participate in one of these activities you will be asked to complete the application packet –Application Form, Risk Acknowledgement Form, Athletic Drug Testing Permission Form, Physical Form. These forms may be obtained directly from each school's website. The SC High School League also requires proof of residency, a copy of the birth certificate and an official copy of your transcript or report card.

Clover School District is a strong advocate of the values of extracurricular activities.  It is in these vital programs that students learn lifelong lessons.  These activities support the academic mission of our schools, are inherently educational and foster success. 

Home school, charter school, and governor’s school students interested in trying out for, and if selected, participating in extracurricular activities in the Clover School District must submit all forms that are available for download listed along the right hand side of this page before the extracurricular activities' tryout date.


  • Questions and concerns should be directed to Rod Ruth, Chief Student Services & Secondary Education Officer, at 803-810-8041.