Inclement Weather

How a Decision is Made to Open, Delay, Close, or Release Early
District personnel will be in contact with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, weather officials, local law enforcement, York County Office of Emergency Management and the South Carolina Highway Patrol to monitor weather conditions. Once information has been shared, district officials will make the decision to open, close early, cancel school or have a delayed opening.

Safety First
Parents are encouraged to have a plan in place if a delay is issued or school is closed for the day. The plan should avoid leaving young children at home unsupervised. It is also the responsibility of parents and employees to determine if conditions are safe enough to travel to school or work along their daily commuting route. If school is on a delayed schedule and parents must drop off their children before school is scheduled to begin, parents must accompany their child into the building to ensure that the school is open and supervision is available.

Early Dismissal

  • If a decision is made to close early, telephone calls will be made to individual schools by district office personnel and announcements will be made to students and staff.

  • Parents/guardians will be notified via the district's Blackboard phone system. The district will post information on district and school websites (, on Facebook, Twitter and the Clover School District mobile app.

  • Afternoon and evening classes, programs such as Adult Education, extracurricular activities, and sports practices or games will not be held.

  • School employees will be dismissed at the discretion of the principal. However, principals will need the help of employees to provide for adequate supervision of students left at school until they are released to their parents/guardians.

  • Twelve-month employees will be expected to remain at work until dismissed by their supervisor.

Cancellation of School

  • A decision will be made by 5:00 a.m. Parents and employees will receive an automated telephone message beginning at 5:15 a.m.

  • When possible, decisions will be made the evening before to allow parents and employees as much advance notice as possible. Notification will include an electronic telephone message.

  • Parents and employees will also be notified through the district's website ( and on FacebookTwitter and the Clover School District mobile app.

  • Local news media, such as The Herald, CN2, WRHI, and Charlotte television stations WBTV, WSOC, WCCB and WCNC will be notified.

Delayed Openings

  • When the decision is made to delay the opening time for school, the district will use the same channels of communication in notifying parents and employees as in the "Cancellation of School."

  • Breakfast may or may not be served, but lunch will be provided.

  • Employees will be expected to arrive at school at the usual but safest time. Some parents will bring their children early, and administrators will need assistance from their staff in providing supervision for students as they arrive.

  • Non-certified salaried employees must make up time missed, or they must charge time missed to personal or vacation leave, if available. A minimum of two hours will be deducted.

  • Non-certified hourly paid employees may make up time missed due to a delayed opening within the same work week at the direction of their supervisor.

Making Up Time Missed for Students and Staff

  • Make-up dates are listed on the district's master calendar which can be located on the district's website.

  • Teachers and other district staff should refer to the employee handbook in regard to making up time missed.


  • The district is an approved e-Learning district.  In the event of a bad weather day, the district may utilize an e-Learning Day.