Enrollment Information

Students 17 years of age and older who are no longer enrolled in high school, may enroll in Tri-District Adult Education. The enrollment process starts with a 3 day intake and orientation process. 

Upcoming Intake and Orientation Dates

There is no cost for registration, initial assessments, or face-to-face classes.

Call 803-810-8440 to set up your intake and orientation appointment.
Please print and complete the registration paperwork (see link below) and bring it with you on your first day of intake and orientation.  This paperwork is for students who will be attending our face-to-face GED classes.  If you are interested in our online Pre-GED/GED classes, please visit the Online Class section of this website for registration information. 

2024-2025 Registration Paperwork (Coming Soon)

What to Expect at Intake and Orientation

Intake and Orientation is 3 days. You must attend all three days to complete enrollment. Classes will begin the following day.

Day 1: - Registration, TABE Reading Assessment, WIN Ready to Work Data Assessment

Day 2: - Director's Orientation (Getting Connected), TABE Math Assessment, WIN Ready to Work Reading Assessment

Day 3: - College and Career Navigator Orientation, WIN Ready to Work Math Assessment 

The assessments taken during intake and orientation provide instructors with information needed to assist you with your learning goals.