Health Screenings

Students entering Head Start, Early Childhood Development (Pre-K), kindergarten, or first grade programs should have a comprehensive health assessment performed by the student's health care practitioner that includes in-office vision and hearing risk assessments and/or screenings. Students who do not pass a vision screening should be examined by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Students who do not pass a hearing screening should be evaluated by an audiologist if the cause is determined to be non-medical. Students should also have a comprehensive dental examination by the student's dentist within the 12 months prior to enrollment in school for the first time. 

School nurses provide screenings at school for vision and hearing problems. Any problems in these areas may impact a student's ability to learn. If a student does not meet minimum screening requirements, a referral letter will be sent home requesting a follow-up for the student with their health care provider. 

Our school nurses have partnered with Lions Club International-River Hills/Lake Wylie chapter's trained vision screeners to help provide our students with vision screenings.